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Aircraft tire racks & equipments

MIC-AUHD52 Tire inflation Cage

Martins Industries manufactures tire racks and equipments designed for aerospace manufacturers, service suppliers and carriers. Those tire racks are made to handle aircraft tires easier and faster. Our aircraft tire racks and handling equipments meet and even exceed the OSHA Standards.

Aicraft Tire Inflation Cages

Martins Industries’ aircraft tire inflation cages can come in various models, from the portable 2 bar to the 3 to 5 bars with fixed base. For bigger aircraft tires Martins Industries also offers bigger cages such as the MIC-AUHD52  and other bigger models, custom models can also be available on demand for aircraft tires.

MIC-4 - 4 Bar Tire Inflation Cage With InflatorMartins Industries manufactures aircraft tire inflation cages with 2-3/8″ heavy-gauge steel tubing welded to a 3/16″ steel base with added reinforcements. This construction makes Martins Industries’ cages the toughest on the market. All welds meet CSA Standard W47.1.  For better durability and quality, the aircraft inflation cages are finished with superior powder coated paint.

For more information about our aircraft tire inflation cages, visit Martins aircraft tire inflation cage page (here).


Aircraft tire storage racks

MTFR-HD - Truck Tire Folding Rack

Martins Industries manufactures aircraft tire storage racks for tires going to small service trucks to the biggest aircraft tire.

The heavy-duty tire folding rack (MTFR-HD) is specially designed to store large aircraft tires. This aircraft tire rack can hold up 8 to 10 aircraft tires (may vary with the size of the tires) standing on their tread. Thought the standard rack can accommodate 44” (outside diameter) aircraft tires, we can easily make custom aircraft tire racks to accommodate 56” aircraft tires or more

For your service vehicles, Martins Industries manufactures the Passenger & Light Truck Folding Rack (MLTFD). This rack is versatile, stackable and foldable and allows tires to be stacked either on tread or laced. The use of the MLTFD simplifies tire handling and access to aircraft tires. This should be considered for any warehouse reorganization, expansion or modernization projects.MLTFD-Folding and stacking tire rack

Both aircraft tire racks are modular, stackable and foldable. They are stackable 4 high (MTFR-HD) and 5 high (MLTFD) with a forklift and each rack can support 2400lbs in weight. The MTFR-HD is equipped with 2 ramps, one on each side. They can be opened to roll the tires in place, making work easier and reducing risks of work injuries due to heavy lifting. The steel plates will also serve as a security system when the rack is in being moved to prevent aircraft tires from falling.

 For more information and more aircraft tire storage racks click here

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