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Automatic tire inflators

Martins Industries manufactures tire inflation cages and equipments such as tire inflation cages, heavy-duty tire inflation cages, portable inflation cages, roller kits for tire inflation cages, automatic tire inflators and stands for automatic tire inflators.  Martins Industries inflation equipment is designed and manufactured to help you work in a safe environment.

MW-30 - Handheld automatic tire inflator

Handheld digital tire inflator

The handheld digital tire inflator is reliable and sturdy and is fabricated to meet international standards, to inflate tires of trucks, tractors, military vehicles and planes. Its air pressure is adjustable from 0 to 174 PSI/12 BAR (OPS), it has a reading accuracy of only 0.1 PSI/ 0,01 BAR and measures the air pressure with 4 types of unit measurement that are PSI, BAR, kPA and KGF. The MH-30 is equipped with an input and output, an exhaust and a memory that retains calibration data. In addition, it is equipped with an LCD screen that facilitates and secures the inflation of tires.

3 automatic tire inflator models

Martins Industries’ automatic tire inflators are used for small passenger & SUV tires to big mining, OTR, bus and aircraft tires. All 3 models are sturdy and reliable.:

  • MW-60 : The MW-60 automatic tire inflator can inflate tires up to 145 PSI/10 BAR and is equipped with 1 outlet.
  • MW-60-4way:  The MW-60-4way automatic tire inflator can inflate up to 145 PSI/10 BAR but it is equipped with 4 hoses that will allow you to inflate 4 tires at a time at the same pressure.
  • MW-64HP: The MW-64HP automatic tire inflator can inflate tires up to 232 PSI/16 BAR with one outlet.
     MW60 - Automatic tire inflator 150PSI x 1 outlet
     MW60-4way-Automatic-tire-inflator-high-flow-150PSI-x-4-outlets  MW-64HP Automatic tire inflator 195PSI x 1 outlet

    Automatic tire inflators’ features

    All 3 models of automatic tire inflators have all the same general features such as automation, a ringtone that alerts you when the tire is inflated at the good pressure and an LCD screen to select your pressure, unit measurement and much more. Each automatic tire inflator is equipped with an input, an output, an exhaust and a memory that retains calibration data.

    Effective and accurate automatic tire inflators

    Martins Industries’ automatic tire inflators will make you save time by allowing you to continue to work while inflating your tires. With the MW-60-4way you will be able to inflate 4 customers’ tires at a time which will reduce the waiting time of your customers.

    These automatic tire inflators are not only sturdy and reliable they also meet strict standards of the industry; the automatic tire inflator exceeds EC Directive 86/217 and BS EN 12645: 1999. The automatic tire inflators can measure the air pressure with 4 different measurement units such as PSI, BAR, kPA and KG/Cm2 which will make your inflation precise. The reading accuracy of the automatic tire inflators is 2 PSI/0.1 BAR.

    Automatic tire inflators – Easy and simple to use and install

    The automatic tire inflators are easy to use and to install. Installation can be either on the wall or directly on your tire inflation cage.

    To install on the wall simply position your automatic tire inflator to the wall and secure the automatic tire inflator with suitable fastener that you will find with the automatic tire inflator.

    To install on your tire inflation cage you will need the MW-STAND. This stand was specially designed to receive all 3 models of Martins Industries’ automatic tire inflators. The automatic tire inflator stand can fit not only on Martins’ tire inflation cage (here) models but also on smaller tubings of our competitors tire inflation cage. Simply install the automatic tire inflator stand on your tire inflation cage and bolt your automatic tire inflator on the MW-STAND.

    After the installation, either on the wall or on your tire inflation cage, connect the air supply to the automatic tire inflator and connect to a power supply of 110 Volts. The only thing left to do is to select your air pressure, put the chuck on your valve and inflate. Simple and easy.

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