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Making tire handling easy with the tire conveyor

TC - Martins Industries Tire ConveyorMartins Industries designs and produces tire handling equipment to facilitate your everyday handling activities. The tire conveyors are one of those many products.

The tire conveyor will help you get your tires and wheels from one floor to another easier than ever. The tire conveyor saves a lot of time and effort and reduces risks of injuries and accidents.

Martins has four tire conveyors length:

  • 15’/4.6 m (TC-15)
  • 18’/5.5 m (TC-18)
  • 21’/6.4 m (TC-21)
  • 24’/7-m (TC-24)

All 4 tire conveyors are similar the only difference is in their length in order to reach the different levels of mezzanines. (click to see models available online)

The 4 tire conveyor models can handle about 12 tires/minute. The tire conveyors can be used to rise or lower tires and can reach a mezzanine 8′ (2.4-m) high to 16′ (4.9-m) high depending on the tire conveyor model you choose, leaving 24″ (60-cm) of the conveyor over the mezzanine to drop the tires.

Tire conveyor – Simple to use

TC - Tire Conveyor Control Box

The use of the tire conveyor is really simple. You only need to put the tires on the moving strap next to the cleats and let the conveyor go. To operate the tire conveyor two employees are needed; one on the mezzanine and one at the bottom. There are simple controls on each end of the tire conveyor giving the possibility to go forward or backward. A stop and an emergency button are easy to access at the bottom control panel of the tire conveyor.

Easy installation of the tire conveyor

The tire conveyor is really easy to install and requires little setup time. The tire conveyor is equipped with a stability plate at the bottom and needs only 4 bolts to be secured to the floor. The tire conveyor motor has a 16′ (4.9-m) cord that plugs in an 115 V or 220 V outlet depending on the model you have.

The tire conveyor can also be installed on Martins Industries’ dolly for tire conveyor TC-STAND which is available in 2 models: TC-STAND-1518 and TC-STAND-2124 that will each fit 2 tire conveyor models. The tire conveyor dolly will allow you to have a movable and adjustable tire conveyor because the dolly is on caster and it can also be adjustable in height to fit your mezzanine.

Fabrication of the tire conveyor

TC-STAND - Tire Conveyor Stand

The tire conveyors are all equipped with a commercial grade rubber belt made of two plies, and rests on rollers to provide support while moving the tires or wheels. The rollers have ball bearings, and although those require little maintenance, they should be checked once in a while to ensure the good performance and life of the tire conveyor. The motor of the tire conveyor provides enough strength to carry 500 lb (the tire conveyor’s load capacity). The steel frame is covered with powder coated paint for a strong resistance against impacts and friction from the tires and equipment.

Click here to know which conveyor you would need for your mezzanine

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