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Martins Industries buys and sells used tire racks

MLTFD - Martins Folding & Stacking Tire RackSave money buy or sell used tire racks

Buying used tire racks

Martins Industries sells high quality tire racks and we also sell used high quality tire racks. Our inventory of used tire racks may vary, so contact us to see what is available. Let us know what rack you are looking for or simply tell us the purpose of the racks you need.

*Note that used tire racks are sold as they are.

Selling used tire racks

If your warehouse is closing or moving to a smaller place and you have previously bought some of our racks you have the possibility with Martins Industries to return your used racks. Simply call us or send us an email giving the product number (or a description of the product), the quantity of racks you want to return and the general condition of the racks. We will then get in contact with you to see what possible options are available.

Tire rack repairs

Martins Industries repairs all types of tire racks. Over the years, we have acquired expertise that enables us to repair a fleet of racks quickly and at low cost. We have an inventory of several types of stacking targets as well as posts, decking and side walls for a variety of rack models. With tire racks in good condition, employees can do their job faster and in a safer environment.

MSR-7272WM Tire RackRent tire racks

If you have one of these events influencing your business you would certainly need to rent tire racks:

  1. High/low tire stock seasons
  2. Tire warehousing moving
  3. Temporary contracts
  4. Minimise capital investment in racks

For your needs, we rent various racks:

  1. Tire stackable racks
  2. Tire foldable cages
  3. Tire lacing racks

 Visit our Rent-A-Rack page to learn what is available right now.

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