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The 2 solutions to ship and transport tires

MSR - Shipping Rack WarehouseMartins Industries is a manufacturer of tire racking and has been designing and producing shipping and transport racks for tires since 1987. 

The 2 solutions to ship and transport tires. There are two types of racking systems that are very common in the tire industry: the Transport rack (MTR) and the Shipping rack (MSR). 

Shipping racks VS transport racks

The shipping rack and the transport rack are very similar. The difference between both racks is that the transport rack (MTR) is wider than the shipping rack (MSR) which allows you to put more tires per rack. Both racks are deisgned to move a large number of tires from one place to another or to load them in a trailer. The racks are also foldable which makes it less expensive on the long run than buying wooden pallets or loading the trailer by hand. 

Shipping rack

Martins Industries Shipping Rack for tiresThe shippingrack (MSR), as mentionned above, is smaller than the transport rack making it is easier to move around and reduces space requirement. It takes 3 times less loading and unloading time than traditional wooden pallets and it takes only 24 minutes to load a complete trailer with those racks. 

The shipping rack can carry about 45 to 65 laced tires depending on the size of your tires. One trailer can load 28 shipping racks (14 deep by 2 high) which represents a maximum total of 1820 tires. No space is lost which allows you to maximize every shipment. 

MTR - Martins Transport Racks for tires

Transport rack

The transport rack (MTR) is wider than the shipping racks which allows to store more tires per rack. With a wide warehouse the transport rack is the best solution to save time and space. With the transport rack you can load a trailer with 18 racks (9 deep by 2 high) maximizing the number of tires you can put in, which goes to 1440 tires. 

Benefits of using the shipping rack and the transport rack

With the transport tire rack (MTR) or shipping tire rack (MSR), loading a thousand tires in a trailer will take a fork truck driver around 20 minutes, versus 2 hours with 3 employees by hand. This represents savings of over 94% on employee wages. At $25 per hour, a fork truck driver will cost $8.33 (20 mins @ $25/hour) while the 3 employees will cost $150 for loading the same tires without racks. MTR - Martins Industries Transport Rack for tire

  1. Save time and money
  2. Reduces the risk of potential injury
  3. Foldable racks makes the return  easier
  4. The foldable racks enable you to save space and minimise costs while not in use
  5. Sturdy and long life racks: 20 years

Racks finishing

Martins Industries’ shipping racks and transport racks are finished with powder coated paint which gives a better durability. It is also possible to add stencil to identify your racks to get them shipped back to you. 

Our sales representatives will be more than happy to help you plan your warehouse and talk to you about our shipping and transport racks. 

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