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Tire and wheel showroom marketing

MSTD-R Deluxe Showroom Tire DisplayA stack of magazine and outdated chairs just aren’t enough anymore! The old tire shops are cleaning themselves from the bathroom, to the waiting room and up to the service bay. Cleaning is one thing, but now we are talking about creating a whole new positive customer experience. Tire dealers are a little behind when it comes to creating a unique customer experience compared to other retail stores. This is why it’s so important to catch up and get ahead of the competition. 

MSSD  -Standard Showroom Tire Display

The tire and wheel market changes

Today more than 50% of customers are women. The female clientele has been rapidly increasing during the last 10 years. They care about how your establishment looks and the cleanliness. From the customer’s perspective, the tire dealer’s showroom represents the culture of that dealer, and the customer will judge the services offered based on this perception. A clean, professional and informative showroom will give a great idea how a job will be done on their car, and will earn customer trust.

Showroom goals

The goal is also trying to create a whole positive selling environment that is clean builds customer confidence with well organized wall grid unitsdeluxe showroom displays, customized wheel display and standard displays as well. The mix of the various displays should fulfill your marketing goals and allow you maximum exposure while respecting your showroom feel.

A good tire display will literally cause customers to rub their hands over the tread and the void areas of a tire. It’s because they want to get a sense that a tire tread is safe and will last for a long time. If possible avoid showing the tires too high or out of the customer reach. It is also important to dust each tire to avoid any type of dirty oil or grease on the client hands. Plus there is nothing worse than a dirty tire display, it sends out the wrong signals to your customers.

MFTD 4-tire display rack on wheels for PCR & SUV tires with tires

Why displays are important

If you are a mechanical shop, and you sell tires here and there, your clients might not even know about your product offering. The first step in increasing your sales might, in fact, be to simply tell them about it, how can you possibly sell a product at a point of sale if your customers don’t know about it! This is true for many independent dealers, smaller garages or shops known as a muffler, window or suspension specialists trying to sell tires or wheels. Having a tire display, on wheels, outside the shop and some displays inside the waiting room shows the different brands you have to offer, and coupling that with a couple of brochures is a sure way to get your customers to notice.

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How to display

Using plastic or cardboard inserts, either inside a tire or on the tire display is always a good idea. This can tell a customer if there is presently a deal on a tire set they are looking at, market a popular brand or display information to lead the customer to an informed decision. Using brochure holders with displays, is an other well liked feature as they appreciate having information about a product they are looking for, especially in the automotive industry where many customers don’t feel well informed on products.

Displays to consider

A tire display on wheels can be moved easily, giving you plenty of options to organize and reorganize your showroom, service bay or walkways. If you are planning to leave your tire displays outside you can buy a simple security cable with a pad lock going thought the tires. There are plenty of options for displays on wheels, from the three tiers (MTD-3T), to the standard and deluxe tire display on wheels (MTD-60 & MTD-72) and the small four tire display (MFTD).  If you are looking for a low cost display, you can also look at the standard showroom display (MSSD), which is great for indoor placement and looks good in the middle of your floor.

MWD Wheel display rack MPTS Plastic tire stand for PCR & SUV tires with tire MWG-2448-KIT Grids and hooks tire display rack for PCR & SUV tires with tires
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