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Tire racks for all types of tires

MLTFD - Martins Folding & Stacking Tire Rack

Martins Industries is a manufacturer of tire racking and has been designing and producing tire racks for light truck tires and heavy duty tires since 1987. 

To have an optimized warehouse it is important to have the good type of rack for your tires. Martins Industries’ tire racks are designed to maximize the number of tires per square foot. Here are some of our popular tire racks for light truck tires and also heavy-duty truck tires.

MTS-925 - Tire Shelving Racks for PCR & SUV tiresTire racking for passenger & SUV tires

The folding & stacking tire rack (MLTFD) is a foldable, stackable and mobile tire rack that is ideal for customers’ tires, military service tires and other small tires types. The MLTFD was originally developed for Pirelli. This tire rack has been adapted to hold all types of tires for passenger cars and light trucks. It rack can handle 2 storage ways: tires on their tread and laced tires. Having laced tires in this rack allows to store large volume of tires of the same SKU, but it can also be used for a smaller number of tires stored on their tread.

Martins Industries also has tire racks for smaller areas such as the MTS series.  The MTS are available in 3 heights: 92″ – 3tier (MTS-92), 120″ 4-tier (MTS-924) and 150″ 5-tier (MTS-925). This type of tire rack is easy to assemble and install. The tiers are adjustable in height and the tire rack can be fix to the wall or back-to-back and side-to-side with other racks (hardware for back to back and side-to-side is included with all racks). 

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MTFR-HD - Truck Tire Folding Rack

Tire racking for truck, bus, military and aircraft

The MTFR-HD is a tire rack designed for truck, bus, military and aircraft tires. This rack is foldable, movable and stackable which makes it a very versatile rack. You will be able to maximize the number of tires per 94″ x 48″. It is equipped with 2 steel ramps to help you roll your tires in and also maintain the tires in the rack when moving. 

The MTBR-HD is another rack that can handle heavy-duty truck tires. It is easy to move and does not take to much space. It is perfect if you need to reorganize your warehouse quickly with only 1 forklift and 1 employee. This truck tire rack has removable posts and is finished with powder coated paint for a better durability.

MTBR-HDCustomized racks

Martins Industries can design and customize racks and displays to your specifications. We have 3 full time mechanical and industrial engineers working with 3D and 2D drawings such as Solid Edge and AutoCad. We are also able to import/export any 3D drawings to meet your requirements. Our experience in this field enables us to create a rack or display from your sketch or even just an idea. We will work with you in order to ensure that the rack you need is the rack you get.

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