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Tire racks made in China designed in Canada

MSR-7272WM Tire Rack

Martins Industries is a Canadian company with manufacturing plants in China and in Canada. Our head office is located near Montreal, Canada and our Chinese plant is operated and owned by Canadians and Taiwanese.

Shipping world wide

Get the best of both worlds: buy tire racks made in China backed by a Canadian warranty. Service is available in English, French, Spanish and Italian. We ship in 20 or 40 feet containers, to any Sea Port in the world, incoterms CIF.

We have sold and delivered over 500 full containers to Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and North America, and have never had a customer with a bad experience. 

Tire displays and tire handling equipments

Martins Industries’ China plant manufactures some tire racks, tire displays and tire handling equipments. Click on these links to look at our products.

All our tire racks, tire display and tire handling equipment are backed up by a 1 year full warranty.


Folding & stacking tire rack (MLTFD)

MLTFD - Martins Folding & Stacking Tire Rack

The MLTFD is a versatile tire rack designed for passenger and light truck tires. It can store tires on the tread and laced. This tire rack is foldable and stackable 5 high when open and 22 high when closed and not in use. 


The MLTFD with the tires on the tread is perfect to store customers’ tires because each tire can be different and you can have an easy access to the tires in the second back row.


This rack is also ideal when you have a lot of tires of the same SKU. You can save up to 35% space when you lace the tires than when the tires are on their tread. 



Dimensions (LxWxH)  71″ 1/2 X 49″ 1/2 X 68″ 1/2
 1816 X 1257 X 1740 mm
Tire capacity 28 to 50
Loading capacity 2400lbs/ 1100kg
Max. stacked (open)  5
Max. stacked (close)  22
Weight  250 lbs / 113 kg
Colour  Colour choices
Technical specification sheet

60” x 60” stacking tire rack (MSR-6060)

 MSR-6060 Tire Rack

This stacking tire rack is equipped with 4 removable bars and can be stacked up 5 high, which allows you to stack up to 100 tires on the same 60″ x 60″ floor space.


The MSR-6060 is simple to use and has a sturdy construction. It can also be available with decking options such as wire mesh. (MSR-6060WM) 


Dimensions (LxWxH)  60″ X 60″ X 60″
 1524 X 1524 X 1524mm
Tire capacity  24 to 32
Loading capacity  2400 lbs / 1100 kg
Max. stacked (open)  5
Max. stacked (close)  20
Weight  115 lbs / 52 kg
Color  Color choices
Technical specification sheet

92” x 40” Truck tire stacking rack (MTBR)

MTBR HD Truck tire rack


This truck tire rack holds 2 tires wide and up to 6 tires high. You can stack it 4 high, for up to 48 tires on the 96″ x 44″ floor space.

This truck tire rack has 4 removable posts and is movable with a forklift. With this truck tire rack it will save you a lot of time to reorganize your warehouse. 


Dimensions (LxWxH)  96″ X 44″ X 71″
 2438 X 1118 X 1803 mm
Tire capacity  12
Loading capacity  2400 lbs / 1100 kg
Max. stacked (open)  4
Max. stacked (close)  20
Weight  153 lbs / 70 kg
Colour  Colour choices
Technical specification sheet
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