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Tire storage racks - Small warehouse

MTS-925 - Tire Shelving Racks for PCR & SUV tiresTire shelvings racks are the perfect solution for tire shops, car dealership, garage and commercial tire storage. These tire shelving racks come in 3, 4 and 5 tiers and are designed to help you save space and time as well as maintaining a perfect storage area. These racks are used to store customers’ tires or small quantities of tires, meaning that you can have access to each one quickly. 

You will find below details and tips for a better management in order to take advantage of this type of tire rack system.  

Tire storage racks characteristics

Our tire shelvings racks are made from 11 gage steel and painted with powder coated paint for a durable finish.  All racks are adjustable from top to bottom. The beams are bended at a 45 degree angle for the tire to sit perfectly on the shelves. 

As for height, we have in stock 3 different rack models: MTS-92, 3 tier tire shelving rack (92″ high x 92″ long) (here); MTS-924 4 tier tire shelving rack (120″ high x 92″ long) (here): and finally, MTS-925  5 tier tire shelving rack (150″ high x 92″ long) (here).

All racks are packed in a box and come with wall brackets, side by side brackets (to join 2 racks side-by-side), floor anchors and back-to-back brackets (to join 2 racks back-to-back). Assembly instructions are inside each box and are really simple to follow. Assembly time is about 15 minutes for 2 workers.

Planning your layout

To have an efficient warehouse you need to:

  1. Determine your tire storage need;
  2. Determine your storage area (includes shipping and receiving area);
  3. Determine the picking method (rolling ladder, order picker, hand…);
  4. Plan your layout or have someone (like us) assist you

By installing the tire shelving rack back to back (60″ deep when full of tires) you keep your access to the tires and maximize your storage space by cutting on aisles. Compared to stacking tires on the floor, you will save time looking for your tires, reduce risk of back injuries, reduce tire deformation (the last one on the floor with a stack of tires on top can get damaged). Also, you will have an easy access to all tires, having no tires on top of them. We suggest that you put all your larger tires at the bottom of the rack and your smaller ones on top of the rack.

MMLMML-10 mobile ladder 10-step with tire rack-10 mobile ladder 10-step with tire rack

Picking method and handling equipments

You have to know the dimensions of your storage area along with your picking method to determine how your aisles are going to be. The picking method is very important because it will impact your storage and service level. Normally, small tire shops prefer to do it by hand or to use a ladder if they have the 4 or 5 tier shelving. In these cases, a rolling ladder is a really good option. It moves around fast and it can give you an easy access to all tires. Martins Industries has 2 models available: 6-steps (MML-6) and 10-steps (MML-10) 

For areas that are a little bit bigger, you should think about getting an electric order picker. Make sure that your picker is not wider than your aisles. We suggest aisles at each end of your storage area, so that your picker doesn’t have to back up when he reaches the end of an aisle. You might loose storage space, but you will gain productivity, which is more expensive than floor space. With your picker you should use order picker cages such as the standard order picking cage (MSOPC) or the light truck order picking cage (MOPC-LT).

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