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Tire warehouse layout to maximize you floor space

Tire warehouse layout consulting

Over the years, Martins Industries has acquired a wealth of experience to maximize floor space and do tire warehouse layouts with tire manufacturers, distribution centers, wholesalers and shops. Our technicians will help you select the right tire storage system based on your tire volume, your equipment and your financial resources. 

Our technicians will maximize the number of tires per square foot, thus avoiding often the need to expand your warehouse or build a second warehouse or mezzanine.

We will work not only with you but if needed in cooporation with the OSHA, your building insurer, the fire department or the workers’ health and safety agency. Your plan will meet all regulations needed and will make you save money, our service is free!

Contact  us before choosing a tire warehouse system and making your own layout 

MLTFD - Martins Folding & Stacking Tire Rack

Popular tire racks used in tire warehouses 

Folding & stacking tire rack (MLTFD

The folding & stacking tire rack was designed to handle passenger & SUV tires. This tire rack is really sturdy and is finished with a powder coated paint for a better durability. This stacking tire rack can be stacked up to 5 high when open and 22 high when closed to save space. The MLTFD rack can handle up to 2400lbs / 1100kg. Tires can be stored laced or on their tread which makes this rack very versatile for new tires and customers’ tires.

MTS-925 - Tire Shelving Racks for PCR & SUV tiresAdjustable tire shelving (MTS-92 / MTS-924 / MTS-925)

The adjustable tire shelving is available in different heights to accomodate every type of warehouse heights; 3-tier (MTS-92) , 4-tier (MTS-924) and 5-tier (MTS-925). This type of tire rack is ideal for customers’ tires. When placed back to back it is easy to reach the tires from the second row. Each tire rack comes with back to back brackets, side by side brackets, wall brackets and floor anchors. The installation takes only 15 minutes and is bolt less. All tiers are adjustables and each can handle 500lbs/ 227kg. 

MSR-6060 Tire Rack60″ x 60″ stacking tire rack  (MSR-6060-HD)

The MSR-6060-HD can handle up to 32 tires depending on the size of your tires.You can stack them up to 5 high when open. This is one of the most economical tire storage systems, particularly in terms of initial outlay. This rack is one of the most popular tire storage racks in the U.S.A. It is also available with wire mesh decking which prevents injuries from happening when employees step on the rack to pick up tires. 

Truck tire folding rack (MTFR)

MTFR - Foldable Turck tire rack with tiresFinally, the MTFR truck tire rack. This rack is designed to handle bus, truck, military and aircraft tires of up to 44″ outside diameter. The MTFR tire rack has a loading capacity of 2400lb/1100kg and can be stacked up to 4 high when open. This folding tire rack is a very popular rack in warehouses to store this type of tire.  This rack is also available with steel ramps (MTFR-HD) on each side to help you roll in and out your tires but also it helps maintaining the truck tires in the rack while moving it. 

Contact us for a  warehouse layout, it’s free!

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