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Tyre racking in Australia and New Zealand

Martins Tire Folding RacksMartins Industries has been a manufacturer of tyre racking (stillages), handling and display since 1987. We are now based in Sydney Australia, covering all states and New Zealand since 2008.

Over the years, we have been designing and supplying tyre manufacturers, tyre distributors and warehouses, tyre marketing groups and tyre dealers with tyre storage racks, tyre stands and displays and tyre handling equipment. Some of our customers includes YHI Australia, Neta Tyres, Hankook Tires, Superior Tyres, McPhail Group in New Zealand, etc.

Tyre racks, displays and handling equipment

Martins Industries has standard tyre racks, displays and handling equipment in stock and ready to be shipped.

The MTD-72 Deluxe tyre displays is a verypopular tyre display that can hold about 12 to 16 tyres. It is easy to manipulate on its 4 casters (2 fix and 2 swivel) which will allow you to get the display in and out of your garage in no time. You can customize your logo plate to advertise the brand of your choice.

The MFTD four tyre display is a low price stand that holds 4 tyres and can be roll out easily. The MFTD is a nice way to display your tyres to your customers. You can also customize you logo plate. 

The MTC Tyre cart is very helpful when it comes to move tyres fast and easily. No back pains will becaused with the tyre cart.  You can move up to 8 tyres at a time by easily grab and ungrab them with the arms and the easy to use pedal. 

MTC tire cart dolly for PCR & SUV tiresTo have more information about our storage systems, displays and handling equipment contact Maria Randazzo,  Australian and New Zealand sales representative.

MSTD-6 Tire Display

Design and prototyping customized tyre racks

Our design and engineering team can design a specific tyre racks or displays to meet your requirements and produce 3D drawings. Our manufacturing plants use Motoman welding robots. These robots are used for large-scale production of tyre racks, cages and display units. These 7-axis robots work on two automated rotary tables equipped with high-quality welding machines. This equipment manufactures products of superior quality. 

As for finish, Martins Industries plants are equipped with powder coating lines in order to ensure a much more durable finish. Manufactured products are cleaned with a special preparation before coating. Standard colours are grey, blue, red, orange, green, yellow and black, but we can reproduce any other colour as well.

A perfect example of a custom tyre stands  is the showroom tyre display (MSTD-6) that was built for Nexxen Tire. The MSTD-6 cand hold up to 6 tyres, 3 on top and the 3 at the bottom.




MTD-72G Deluxe tire display rack on caster Goodyear for PCR & SUV tires with tires


Our warehouse is based in Silverwater (Sydney) NSW

Contact Maria Randazzo for consulting, floor lay-out, custom display design or any other question about tyre rack, tyre stands, or any of our tyre equipment.

Phone: 0418 255 745

Postal: Unit 4, No.99 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater, NSW, Australia

Email: mrandazzo@martinsindustries.com

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