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Using a tire inflation cage for a safe working environment

MIC-AUHD52 Tire inflation CageMartins Industries is a manufacturer of tire inflation cages, tire racks and displays. We have been inbusiness since 1987 and constantly improving our inflation cages, racks and displays .

We manufacture inflation cages with 2-3/8″ heavy-gauge steel tubes welded to a 3/16″ steel base with added reinforcements. This construction makes Martins Industries’ tire inflation safety cages the toughest on the market, while other competitors use 2-1/4″ pipes to manufacture their inflation cages which makes a big differences in the quality and toughness of the safety cage. In addition, all welds on the cages and other products meet the CSA Standard W47.1.

Tire inflation cage – easy to use

It is very important for the security of your employees to be equipped with a good tire inflation cage. You must follow the instructions when using the cage in order to prevent potential injuries or deaths.

First, center the tire vertically in the inflation cage using the two steel brackets welded to the base of the inflation cage to position the tire correctly. Second, position the tire valve between the bars of the safety cage. Third, attach the air chuck to the valve and finally, stand back approximately 10 feet (3 meters) out of the path of the tire cage and inflate. All instructions are provided on all of our inflation cages and are written in English, French and Spanish to make sure the cage is used properly.

Martins Industries’ tire inflation cages

Martins Industries offers a large variety of tire inflation cages going from a portable 2-bar inflation cage (MIC-2) to the biggest tire inflation cage in the world MIC-MINE (Click here)

Portable Tire Inflation Cage - MIC-2 - Martins IndustriesPortable tire inflation cages

We fabricate two types of portable inflation cages: the 2-bar inflation cage (MIC-2) and the 2-bar wide-base portable inflation cage (MIC-2WB). The portable inflation cages are mainly used in service trucks because they have the advantage to be foldable in order to take less space and they have the same strength as the static tire inflation cages.

MIC-4 - 4 Bar Tire Inflation Cage With Inflator

Static tire inflation cages

Martins Industries’ static inflation cages are available from the small 3-bar inflation cage MIC-3PCR to the big mining inflation cage MIC-MINE. Selecting the right size of inflation cage is really important in order to prevent potential injuries.  Our inflation cages can accommodate every type of tires going from the small vehicle tires to the big mining tires and military tires to the biggest tire inflation cage in the world

MIC-MINE - World Largest Mining Tire Inflation CageOur safety inflation cages’ advantages:  
1. Built stronger than our competitors
2. Superior powder coated paint makes a better protection
3. Responds to all types of tires
4. Exceed the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177 in U.S.A.
5. Instructions in English, French and Spanish
6. Better prevention of injuries and deaths


Martins’ inflation cages meet regulations

Occupational Safety & Health Administration of the Unites-States implemented a regulation concerning the issue of exploding tires as it has a high potential for severe injury and death. Having your employees understand the importance of taking a few seconds more to work safely with a tire inflation  cage makes good sense.

These safety inflation cages are a mandatory precaution for tire inflation. They provide good protection and exceed the U.S. federal OSHA Standard 29 CFR, 1910.177

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