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Washing wheels will increase your profits

Wheel Washer - Martins IndustriesWhy not offer a new service to your customers by washing their wheels and tires, making your customers, your technicians and your wallet happy.

Martins Industries’ MWW-660 Wheel Washer requires low maintenance and does not take much space and water. Check out the Return on Investment and Cost Analysis to see how profitable this product is.


Resulting benefits of washing wheels

  1. More profits:  With only 3 car wheels washed per day at $5.00 each wheel, you will get annually $13 119 in net profit. Jumping to 7 car wheels washed, and you will be over $30 797 in net profits! This maybe seem a lot of tires but each customer brings in 4 tires which makes your profits go up fast and make you pay for your machine in no time.
  2. Customer retention: Instead of handing back dirty wheels to your customer, why not clean them and take all the brake pads dust off. This way you are returning a nice clean car with nice clean tires. At a cost of  only $0.77 per wheel, it’s a low cost to keep them coming back to you.
  3. Improved wheel balancing: Washing wheels is a profitable service that improves wheel balancing results and adds real customer service. Modern cars and light trucks/SUVs are highly tuned vehicles, and anticipated performance, driver comfort, fuel economy and tire life all can be negatively impacted by even the slightest imbalance. Your technicians will love working with warm clean tires.
  4. Cleans working environment: Clean out dirt and dust as it stays in the wheel washer. Less wear and tear on other equipment and a cleaner work area.
  5. Environmentally friendly: The wheel washer uses environmental friendly detergent and uses a low amount of water and energy, which ensures a minimal environmental impact.

Advantages of Martins Industries’ Automatic Wheel Washer

  1. Superior cleaning results: As short as 80 seconds, the wheel washer can wash your tires and make them shine. The wheel washer cleans your wheels more carefully, efficiently and effectively than any other wheel washing method on the market.
  2. Cleans all kinds of wheels: The wheel washer cleans all kinds of wheels, including SUV and Run Flat-tires.
  3. Easy and effective waste handling: An environmentally friendly cleaning method that efficiently takes care of dirt and residuals.
  4. Short washing time: 2 washing cycles are available, 80 and 120 seconds depending on the dirtiness of the wheel.

 3 effective and efficient features

Martins Industries’ Wheel Washer cleans the wheels using environmental friendly detergent and high pressure water. You will increase your productivity, save time and satisfy your customers in no time.

  • High performance in cleaning result: The high pressure water jets and the environmental friendly detergent will clean every small spaces of your wheels.
  • Lower power consumption: The wheel washer uses a total of only 3.6 kw/h in function. No water heater is needed.
  • Lower water consumption: The wheel washer uses only 1 liter of fresh water per cycle.

Wheel Washer – Easy to use, easy maintenance


  • 80 seconds, for wheel with lighter soil level.
  • 120 seconds, for wheel with heavier soil level.
  • Machine cleaning, to wash the inside of the wheel washer – No detergent.


Wheel Washing

  1. Detergent is automatically sprayed on both sides of the spinning wheel, covering completely the tire/wheel surface. The quantity of detergent sprayed is based on the % selected on the dispenser regulator. (Recommended : 60% Output flow regulation)
  2. High pressure water starts washing according to the selected cycle (80 or 120 seconds).
  3. At the end of the cycle, simply open the front door and pull out the washed wheel.

Click here for more information about the wheel washer.

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