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What is the best way to store your tires?

MSR-6060 Tire RackMartins Industries, manufacturer of steel racks, has been designing and producing tire storage racks for tires since 1987. Our racks fit the 3 different ways of storing tires.

The 3 different ways to store your tires are to stack them on the side, on the tread or laced. The 3 methods are explained and illustrated below.  In addition, we explain what method best suits in what situation.

Tire racks to store tires on their side

The most common way  to store tires is on the side. By using a racking system like the 72″ Passenger and light truck stacking rack (MSR-7272WM-HD) you can store tires in the rack and stack another rack on top of the other. Therefore you are using less floor space and more vertical space which is more profitable. The MSR-7272WM-HD rack is stackable 5 high when open and 20 high when you remove the posts.

MSR-7272WM Tire Rack

It is important that all the tires in the rack have the same dimensions in order to ease order picking or to find a tire. It is possible that some Health & Safety Organizations ask you to wrap the rack of tires in order to prevent tires from falling from the rack. This way of storing tires makes it easier to do the inventory of your tires because you can see them and easily count them. The MSR-6060-HD rack and the MSR-8080-HD rack are also very practical and easy to transport and to stack.

Laced tires; another way to maximize space 

Another way of storing your tires is to lace them in a rack. Lacing your tires is the best way to save space. The reason being is that you are using the interior space of the tire by placing one tire into the other. When you lace your tires you can save up to 25-30% space in the rack compared to storing them on the side or putting them on the tread.

MLR - Laced Tires RacksThis tire storage technique is normally done with large quantities of the same SKU, this way you don’t need to take out all the tires from the rack to get the tire you need. A rack that fits in perfectly laced tires is the lacing rack (MLR). The lacing rack is designed specifically to store laced tires and it makes it easy to move and transport large quantities of tires in no time.


Sitting tires on their tread

The final method of storing tires is to store them on their tread. By storing them this way it makes it easier to do the inventory, to do order picking or to find a specific tire. Another benefit of storing them on the tread is that you can have different sizes of tires in the same rack.
MLTFD - Martins Folding & Stacking Tire Rack

The Light Truck and passenger folding rack (MLTFD) is perfect to store the tires on the tread and this rack is stackable 5 high when open and 22 high when closed. The advantage of this rack being foldable is when the rack is not in use it is easy to fold stack it up in a corner. Another advantage of the MLTFD rack is that it can also be used to lace tires; you can either lace tires when you want to transport them or when you have customers tires you can place them on the tread.

The 3 methods seen above all have great advantages each responding to certain needs for different types of companies. They all save floor space, handling time and prevent employees’ injuries.

*see example below in the Tire System Comparison

Tire storage system – compared

For 20 000 tires with 20 feet high ceiling

Rack type




Storing method



Tread & laced

Average tires / rack




Number of racks needed




Price / rack




Initial investment




Investment / tire




Tires / sq feet   (4 racks high)




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