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Why and how to lace your tires in tire racks

mlr-micrositeMartins Industries is a tire racking manufacturer since 1987. All our racks are designed and manufactured to help you maximize your floor space and your time. Lacing tires will also help you save a lot of floor space, here is how you can do.

How to lace your tires in a tire rack

Here are the simple steps to lace your tires:

  1. Lean your tire against the side of the rack (no side matters to start).
  2. Lay your other tires tightly in diagonal with the same angle until you get to the other side of the tire rack.
  3. For the 2nd row, simply insert in the tires in the opposite direction of each tire “hole” of the 1st row to maximize your space in the tire rack.
  4. Finally, keep on lacing your tires until you get to the top of the rack.

Benefits of lacing tires in a tire rack

Lacing tires is not only a different way of storing tires, it has great benefits such as:

  • Increases by 25-30% the number of tires you can store in a rack compared to tires stored on tread.
  • You will be able to save floor space by storing more tires in the same 75″ x 49″

Martins Industries tire racks

Martins Industries has different types of racks that can store laced tires. Here are a few of those racks:

Laced tire stacking rack MLR

The MLR lacing rack is designed to handle laced tires. It can handle up to 34-50 PCR/SUV tires and is equipped with removable sides. The rack can be stacked up to 6 high when opened with tires and up to 20 high when the sides are removed and not in use.

Folding & stacking tire rack MLTFD

The MLTFD tire rack is a versatile tire rack; store your tires on tread for different SKUs of tires or laced for the tires with the same SKU. This tire rack is foldable and stackable; up to 5 high when opened and up to 22 high when closed. This tire rack can handle up to 32 tires when stored on their tread and up to 50 tires when laced.

Shipping rack MSR

The shipping rack MSR can carry up 45 to 65 laced tires depending on the size of your tires. The MSR shipping rack is designed to fit perfectly in a trailer, one trailer can load 28 shipping racks (14 deep by 2 high). No space is lost which allows you to maximize every shipment. It takes 3 times less loading time than traditional wooden pallets.

Transport rack MTR

The transport rack MTR is wider than the shipping rack MSR which makes it easier to store more tires per rack. If you have a wide warehouse, it is the best solution to save time and space. The transport rack can be loaded in a trailer; 9 racks deep and 2 racks high which maximizes the number of tires you can move.

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