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Customized design and manufacturing

We are one of the very few companies that manufacture and sell tire racks and other tire equipments directly to the user. We know our products and our customers’ needs. Martins Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of handling and warehousing systems for tires and wheels. If you have special needs or you already have a system not included in our standard product line, contact us or fill out the form.

Design & manufacturing

Equipements-Installations-093_800pxWhether you have a warehouse with a special requirement or you are a marketing group looking to create an image, the following are the most usual steps involved in the custom design and manufacturing process:

  1. Sit down with your company’s representatives to talk about the field of application and offer advice in our area of expertise.
  2. Produce and present 3-D design drawings.
  3. Revise the drawings based on your observations and obtain approval.
  4. Produce 1-4 prototype units and have users test them.
  5. Make adjustments to design drawings and carry out volume production.

Manufacturing to your specifications

Equipements-Installations_800pxMartins Industries bids and manufactures based on technical specifications. If you are already using a tire rack, cart or display that we don’t have in our standard product line, we can bid on it and manufacture it for less. If you send us a drawing, a photo or the rack itself, we can make an offer and ship it from one of our plants located closest to your facilities.

 Martins Industries’ custom racks advantages

1- Powder Coating

Both Martins Industries plants are equipped with powder coating lines in order to ensure a much more durable finish. Manufactured products are cleaned with a special preparation before coating. Standard colours are grey, blue, red, orange, green, yellow and black, but we can reproduce any other colour as well.

2- DesignPicture-172_800px

Martins Industries design and develop custom racks using 3D and 2D software such as SolidEdge and Autocad. Martins Industries engineers can produce designs and 3D drawings to meet your requirements.

3- Certification

Martins Industries is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB CSA W47.1). Our steel, filler metal, gas and equipment all comply with strict CWB standards. Regular inspections are carried out by this world-class organization.

4- Robot Welding

Robot_800pxMartins Industries uses Motoman welding robots. These robots are used for large-scale production of racks, cages and display units. These 7-axis robots work on two automated rotary tables equipped with high-quality Miller Auto-Axcess 300 welding machines. This equipment manufactures products of superior quality.

Contact us for your specific request.