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Martins Industries is refurbishing all types of tire racks. Over the years, we have acquired expertise that enables us to repair a fleet of racks quickly and at less cost. We have an inventory of several types of stacking targets as well as posts, decking and side walls for a variety of rack models.

With tire racks in good condition, employees can do their job more easily and more safely as well, in keeping with your company’s good professional name.

Racks refinishing at Martins IndustriesRacks refinishing

Martins Industries offers a service for refinishing your racks or displays with paint or powder coating. For a more attractive finish, we can sandblast the existing paint. Refinished surfaces are cleaned with a special preparation.

Lettering can be stenciled on units such as shipping racks that are to be shipped and returned to a customer or supplier.

Racks modificationsRacks modifications at Martins Industries

Martins Industries can modify your present racks to adapt them for a new product, a new building or a new use. For example, the height can be adjusted for a move to a larger building, decking can be added as a safety enhancement or a nameplate can be mounted on racks used to ship tires or rims.

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