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Tire transport rack
Product number: MTR
Dimensions (L x W x H) 96‘’ X 66‘’ X 51‘’
2436 x 1676 x 1295 mm
Tire capacity 50 to 80
Load capacity 2400 lb. / 1100 kg
Max. Stacked (open) 4
Max. Stacked (closed) 20
Weight 425 lb. / 193 kg
Colour Many Options
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Details and caracteristics

The Tire Transport Rack is designed to move large numbers of tires from place to place or load them into a trailer. The transport rack is very similar to the shipping rack (MSR), but wider. The extra room holds more tires but makes it more difficult to manoeuvre. A 53-foot truck can hold 18 transport racks (9 deep by 2 high). The tires must be interlaced in the transport rack in order to make the most of available vehicle space or warehouse space. They require four times less loading and unloading time than traditional wooden pallets and, according to our customers, it takes one employee just 20 minutes to fully load or unload a 53-foot trailer.

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