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6-bar HD Tire Inflation Cage Kit

Product number: MIC-6HD-KIT
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Includes MIC-6HD 6-bars HD Tire inflation cage
MW-Stand - Stand for automatic tire inflator
MW-60 - Automatic tire inflator 145 PSI x 1 outlet
MIC-Roller - Tire inflation cage roller kit
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1347 x 757 x 1456 mm
53'' x 29-7/8'' x 57-5/16''
Max. tire size 1194 mm / 47''
Maximum tire width 520 mm / 20-1/2''
Weight 141 kg / 311 lb
Colour Orange and black
Max. air pressure 9 bar, 130 psi, 896 kPa, 9.14 kg/cm2
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MARTINS 6-Bars Tire Inflation Cage Kit, the best shield on the market. Meeting the toughest standards in the industry, the complete kit offers one of the safest inflation processes. Built strong with a high tech laser cut air deflection structure, a robust lock on the door, an automatic tire inflator with its steel bracket, a tire roller and 4 anchor holes.* In addition, the cage’s automatic air safety system will automatically stop the inflation or deflation cycle if the door opens. Set the pressure, connect your tire and leave. The automatic tire inflator does it for you. It will facilitate and secure the inflation of tires with its adjustable air pressure, its automation, its LCD screen and its ringtone. The latter will inform you of the end of operations. Up your inflation game. We have the tools to boost productivity. *Rules and regulations regarding cage anchoring differ per region, refer to your local authority.

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