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Laced tire stacking rack

Product number: MLR
Quantity of 1 to 5
Quantity of 6 to 14
Quantity of 15 and more
In Stock - More than 50 available

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Dimensions (L x W x H) 85‘’ X 48 1/2‘’ X 52‘’
2156 X 1229 X 1322 mm
Tire capacity 34 to 50 PCR-SUV - 7 TBR
Load capacity 2400 lb / 1100 kg
Max. Stacked (open) 6
Max. Stacked (closed) 20
Weight 100 lb / 45 kg
Colour Many Options
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Details and caracteristics

The lacing rack is a storage system for high volumes of PCR-SUV tires, which should be similar or identical since they need to be stored in an interlaced pattern. Interlaced storage saves a significant amount of space. A single rack can hold 34 to 50 PCR-SUV tires, depending on tire diameters, and the racks can be stacked 6 high. This warehousing solution offers one of the best space optimization rates. In fact, many tire distribution centers and warehouses use the lacing rack with removable sides on their receiving docks in order to quickly unload tires from trucks. Although it is used mostly for warehousing, this tire rack can also be used to ship high volumes of tires. The MLR Rack can also handle 7 TBR tires. See the Storage racks for Truck/Bus section for more info.

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