Dolly for MLTFD tyre rack

Product number: MLTFD-D

Features and benefits

  • Easily move and roll the passenger and light truck folding rack (MLTFD). 
  • Four swivel casters, of which two have brakes to park it and keep it still.
  • Load it with your folded racks, move them close to the dock to rapidly unload trailers.

Working in tight, cluttered areas that are hardly accessible for forklifts while you load/unload tyres? No problem, the Dolly for MLTFD Tyre Rack will sneak its way in and out of them. Load it with up to 580 kg of MLTFD racks (or also MWR-MUTR), folded or with tyres in them, and get them on the move! With its 4 swivel casters, the dolly becomes really handy to move and park your racks, inside or outside the building.


Features Mobile
Wheels/casters Swivel caster with brake
Net weight (kg) 23
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 176 x 121 x 28
Materials Steel
Finish Powder coated paint UV resistant - Never lost is lustre
CWB Certification No
CE - declaration of conformity No
Warranty 1 year
Colour Black