Flatematic 4 Way - Automatic tyre inflator 4 outlets

Automatic tyre inflator 4 outlets / Flatematic series
Product number: MW-60-4WAY

Features and benefits

  • Inflate or deflate up to 4 tyres simultaneously and automatically up to 10 bar.
  • Wall-mounted unit equipped with 4 air hoses of 2.4 m.
  • Only 4 min. 12 sec. to inflate 4 x 11R22.5 tyres from 0 to 6.89 bar.
  • Loud audible signal warns that the tyres have reached the desired pressure.
  • 4 measurement units (psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2), Over pressure system, LCD screen & backlight.

One, two, three or four tyres can be inflated or deflated at the same time with the Flatematic 4 way. Once connected to the valves, the tyre inflator will automatically start inflation or deflation to precisely reach the identical pressure for all tyres. Its higher airflow ensures the same great efficiency when inflating 4 tyres than the other automatic tyre inflators of the Flatematic series. All four hoses are equipped with clip-on chucks making tyre inflation more productive by allowing you to work away from the tyres. 

*Air compressor required


Brand Flatematic series
  • 4 air hoses of 2.4 m with 1/4” NPT closed chucks
  • Quick connect outlet
  • Air hose support hook
  • M6x38 screws (5x)
  • User manual
Features Fixed, Wall-mount, High-Flow, Over pressure setting (OPS), Inflate/deflate 4 tires at a time
Air pressure - max. outlet (psi) 145
Air pressure - max. outlet (bar) 10
Air pressure - max. inlet (psi) 150
Air pressure - max. inlet (bar) 10.5
Reading accuracy (psi) 0.29
Reading accuracy (bar) 0.02
Airflow - max. (l/min) 2500
Airflow - max. (CFM) 128
Hose quantity 4
Chuck type Closed
Hose length (cm) 240
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 23 x 27 x 9
Net weight (kg) 6
CE - declaration of conformity Yes
Calibration certified Yes
Autocalibration Yes, on every unit start
Maintenance & calibration service Yes
Materials Aluminium
Degree of protection IP66
Temperature range -10 °C ~ 50 °C / 14 °F ~ 122°F
Supply voltage 110
Warranty 1 year
Colour Black and orange
Air compressor required Yes
Package dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 32 x 31 x 23
Gross weight (kg) 7.5