RimRite wheel alignment kit for Scania vehicles

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Features and benefits

  • Prevents excess vibration to the wheel which may lead to loosening of wheel nuts.
  • Reduces wear on tyres and suspension.
  • Indicates the quality of wheel studs and whether the studs need replacing.
  • RimRite® provides a clear commitment to health and safety, and roadworthiness to other road users, and road and transportation associations such as: DfT, FORS, DVSA, HSE, FTA and RHA.


A kit of stainless steel aligners to ensure correct fitment of a wheel onto the studs.

RimRite® is a wheel alignment kit for Scania vehicles. This set of tools is designed to correctly align Scania studs to precisely centre the wheel.

The RimRite® kit also includes tools for monitoring scania, comprising of 3 re-usable precision engineered stainless steel aligners, a Scania standard Checkthread®, a stud hole elongation tester and a conical/spherical tester.


  • Aligners - Correctly arrange Scania studs to precisely centre and fit Scania wheels.
  • Scania Checkthread tester - To help facilitate the monitoring of wheel stud thread quality by highlighting any damage to threads, indicates whether wheel studs are of poor quality, stretched or ill-fitting.
  • Stud hole elongation tester (SHET) - Identifies any wheel stud hole damage and elongation of the stud holes.
  • Conical/spherical tester - Determines the correct nut type to be used with a wheel.


Aligners and Scania standard Checkthread tester: high quality premium stainless steel

Stud hole elongation and conical/spherical testers: glass filled nylon


In garages and workshops as a preventative maintenance measure when attaching the wheel.


Nut sizes: M22 and Scania nut sizes.

Stud hole sizes: 21mm, 24mm, 26mm, 31mm, 32mm and 33mm.


Materials Stainless Steel




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