HD Tyre inflation cage kit with inflator

Item Number MIC-6HD-KIT
1 year warranty learn more

Features and benefits

  • Complete inflation equipment to inflate your tyre safely, efficiently, and effortlessly.
  • The 6-tube HD tyre inflation cage (MIC-6HD) protects from tyres inflating up to 9 bar.
  • At the push of a button, the Flatematic Single (MW-60) will automatically inflate your tyre.
  • Install your automatic tyre inflator directly on the inflation cage with the Stand for automatic tyre inflator (MW-STAND).
  • The Roller Kit (MIC-ROLLER) will help you effortlessly rotate your tyre for an easy access to the tyre valve.

The HD tyre inflation safety cage complete kit is the perfect combination of the tyre inflation equipment to have in your truck tyre shop. Inflating your truck or bus tyres of up to 1.19 m OD will be easy and accurate. The automatic tire inflator can display the pressure in 4 different measurement units (psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2) and is equipped with over pressure system, LCD screen & backlight to help you precisely inflate your tyre. Once inflated to the right pressure the loud audible signal will warn you that the tyre has reached the desired pressure. Provide good protection to your employees when inflating truck & bus tyres. Use MARTINS INDUSTRIES safety tyre inflation cages that are compliant with CE and DGUV – BGR 157 requirements. With superior manufacturing materials and finish, MARTINS INDUSTRIES’ tyre inflation cages and inflation tools are the best and safest choices on the market.

Before using the product, please read the instructions carefully.


  • HD tire inflation Cage (MIC-6HD)
  • Stand for automatic tyre inflator (MW-STAND)
  • Flatematic Single (automatic tyre inflator 10 bar x 1 outlet) (MW-60)
  • Quick coupling 1/4'' industrial
  • Tyre inflation cage roller kit (MIC-ROLLER)
  • Safety information & procedures sticker
  • User manual
Meets OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177 Yes
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 135 x 76 x 146
Tire type Truck & bus tires
Tire capacity 1
Overall tire diameter - max. (cm) 119
Tire width - max. (cm) 52
Certifications CE
Net weight (kg) 141
Hose quantity 2
Chuck type Open
Hose length (cm) 760
Autocalibration Yes, on every unit start
Reading accuracy (psi) 0.29
Reading accuracy (bar) 0.02
Air compressor required Yes
Warranty 1 year warranty
Materials Steel
Finish Powder coated paint
Colour Orange
Package dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 140 x 76 x 147



  • Can I inflate my tyre with the door open?
    No, the inflation process will start only once the door is closed.

  • Do I need to anchor my inflation cage to the floor?
    Safety standards vary by region. Verify with your local health and safety organisation.

  • My safety sticker on my inflation cage is scratched or missing. Can I order a new one?
    Yes, see our spare parts section.

  • Do I need an air compressor with my station?
    Yes, the product does not produce compressed air.

  • What kind of air compressor should I use with this product?
    The compressor should
    have a stable air supply monitored by an air regulator (maintain a minimum air pressure fluctuation)
    be equipped with an air filter to protect against water and oil contained in compressed air.
    meet the minimum and maximum air inlet pressure of the inflator.

  • Can I use another type of chuck?
    Yes, other chuck types can be used. However, the chuck type installed must be respected. In this case it is an open chuck. The chuck must also remain in place without someone holding. (clip on chuck, screw on chuck, etc.)


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