Portable tyre rack for passenger, suv and truck tyres

Item Number MLR
1 year warranty learn more

Features and benefits

  • One rack, two storing methods: interlaced for passenger car & SUV tyres and on tread for truck tyres. 
  • Built strong: Stack up to 6 racks high fully loaded with 1100 kg each
  • Remove the two sides to stack your racks & save space until your next tyre arrival.
  • 45˚ angle beams to properly position SUV tyres of up to 71 cm OD or truck tyres of up to 112 cm OD

Optimise and standardise your tyre warehouse or tyre distribution centre by using only one rack model for all your passenger car, SUV and truck tyres. Fully loaded, the Portable tyre rack can hold up to 50 interlaced passenger car tyres or 7 truck tyres on tread. Its mobility allows you to stack 20 folded racks next to your loading docks to quickly unload and store your tyres.


Features Mobile, Stackable, Foldable/removable sides
Tire type Passenger car & SUV tires, Truck & bus tires, OTR tires
Tire storage method On the Tread, Laced
Tire capacity 50
Overall tire diameter - max. (cm) 112
Load capacity (kg) 2400
Stackable - max. quantity (open) 6
Stackable - max. quantity (closed) 20
Net weight (kg) 45
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 216 x 123 x 132
Materials Steel
Finish Powder coated paint
Warranty 1 year warranty
Colour Orange



  • Is the load capacity per unit or for the total stacked units?
    The load capacity is per unit. Each unit can support its own load capacity plus the weight and load capacity of the stacked racks above. Example: You can stack 5 units all containing 1 100 kg (2 400 lb) each for a total of 5 500 kg (12 000 lb) in a vertical stack.


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