Truck Stud and Hub Cleaning tool

Item Number MSH-C2
1 year warranty learn more

Features and benefits

  • the toughest 2in1 stud and hub cleaning tool for medium and heavy trucks on the market.
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel brushes easily remove rust and corrosion from the studs.
  • Long lasting abrasive pad cleans up to 300 truck hubs.
  • Made in one-piece. No replacement parts required. No parts falling off.
  • Removes rust from the rotor, drum brake, hub and studs without damaging the surface.
  • Compatible with 1/2'' impact wrench.

The Checkpoint Stud and Hub Cleaning tool quickly and effectively removes rust, corrosion and dirt from medium and heavy trucks' rotor, drum brake, hub and studs. This helps to ensure the secure fitment of wheels and wheel nuts to minimise the risk of a wheel detachment. It also prevents the hub from running off center leading to vibrations, accelerated wear and tear on bearings and other components. 

When cleaning, rotate clockwise onto the stud and counterclockwise off the stud. Excessive force is unnecessary - there is no need to push or pull the tool while on the thread. The Checkpoint Cleaning Tool will last way longer than anything else on the market.

*Do not use with tools that exceed RPM on the label. Only spin under load.


Warranty 1 year warranty
Drive size 1/2''
Maximum torque (Nm) 949
Impact wrench rated Yes
Diameter (mm) 62
Air pressure - max. inlet (psi) 90
Air pressure - max. inlet (bar) 6.2
Max. Stud Length (mm) 146
Max. Stud Diameter M22
Colour Black & Violet
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 6,3 x 6,3 x 13,2



  • Why do I have to clean the studs and hub of the vehicle?
    As you drive, road dust, mud and other contaminants can build up on the studs and wheel hub. If these contaminants are not cleaned regularly, they can cause problems such as corrosion, rust and premature wear of parts. Additionally, these contaminants can prevent the wheel studs and wheel hub from tightening properly, which can cause the wheels to loosen while driving. This can cause serious accidents.


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