Bead Seater 19 liters

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Features and benefits

  • Manual release discharge valve with an easy-to-activate handle.
  • High-quality 19 L steel tank exceeding ASME-UM standards.
  • Angled tip with split-end nozzle to instantly disperse air around the tyre and seat the toughest tyre beads.
  • Safe to use with TPMS sensors.
  • Suitable with these types of tires: All-Terrain Vehicules, Passegner, Light Trucks/Suv, Truck&Bus, Agri.

Proven and tested, the Bead seater 19 L is a great value pick when it comes to tyre seating tools. Its large carrying and air release handles make it easy to place on the rim for an efficient blast, while the analogue pressure gauge precisely indicates the level of air or nitrogen in the tank.


  • Steel tank
  • Quick coupling 1/4'' industrial
  • Manual discharge valve
  • Analog pressure gauge
  • Threaded barrel
  • Safety relief valve
  • Suggested pressure reference table
  • User manual
Tank capacity 19 liters
Materials Steel, Plastic
Warranty 1 year warranty
Certifications ASME-UM
Net weight (kg) 11
Gross weight (kg) 13
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 65 x 42 x 29
Package dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 44 x 45 x 33
Finish Powder coated paint
Colour Orange



  • What pressure should I use for my tyre?
    Please refer to the Suggested pressure reference table indicated on the back of your bead seater.

  • What is the lifespan of my bead seater?
    We recommend replacing the tank after 5 years of service or if any damages have been made to the product.

  • Can my tank explode by over filling with compressed air?
    No, the tank is equipped with a safety valve that will release the excess pressure.


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