OTR 10-Bar Tire inflation cage

# MIC-OTR-96

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Features and benefits

  • Safely inflate your large; off-road, earthmover, mining, military vehicle, tractor and aircraft tires.
  • 10-bar tire inflation cage built with added reinforcement plates for extra safety.
  • For tires up to 96" OD by 53" wide.
  • Certified to inflate tires up to 130 psi.
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor tire inflation, it will keep its color and luster.

Increased protection for bigger tires. MARTINS certified 10-bar OTR tire inflation cages provide good protection to your employees when inflating large off-road, earthmover, mining, military vehicle, tractor and aircraft tires and exceed OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.177 in the U.S. The 10-bar OTR tire inflation safety cages are robotically welded using steel that meets the toughest standards in North America, which ensures precision and quality for every unit. With superior manufacturing materials and finish, MARTINS’ tire inflation cages are the best and safest choices on the market. 

Before using the product, please read the instructions carefully.


  • Safety information & procedures sticker
Meets OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.177 Yes
Product dimensions - LxWxH (inches) 84 x 59 x 102
Product dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 213 x 150 x 259
Tire type OTR tire
Tire capacity 1
Overall tire diameter - max. (inches) 96
Overall tire diameter - max. (cm) 244
Wheel width - max. (inches) 53
Tire width - max. (cm) 135
Certifications CE
Net weight (kg) 492
Net weight (lb) 1085
Warranty 2 years
Materials Steel
Finish Powder coated paint UV resistant - Never loses is luster
Color Orange
Package dimensions - LxWxH (cm) 264 x 155 x 226
Package dimensions - LxWxH (inches) 104 x 61 x 89



  • Do I need to anchor my inflation cage to the floor?
    Safety standards vary by region. Verify with your local health and safety organization.

  • My safety sticker on my inflation cage is scratched or missing. Can I order a new one?
    Yes, see our spare parts section.


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